Reviews and testimonials

We’ve been providing help and assistance with probate since 2002 and are proud of our record and long list of satisfied clients.

Over the years we’ve received a great many positive testimonials detailing how our services have been helpful and a number of our clients have been generous enough to allow us to share their feedback, for which we are very grateful.

Debs Smith
My mother would like to thank all of the staff at IWC for their work when my uncle passed away. They helped us even though it was a complicated case. The person who dealt with my case, Steve, is clearly a probate expert. If you are wondering if you should use IWC, then let me tell you, you should!!!!

Helen Kent
Wanted to thank you all and to say how much I valued all of the help we got from you when Mum died. We hoped to do everything ourselves, but when we found out about assets held in Spain and some other problems, we decided to put everything in the hands of professionals. Not only did you handle everything, but Tony was brilliant. Thanks.

Warren Grantham
It was recommended that I should use you by one of your previous customers. Was a bit worried because I don’t know much about probate specialists. Glad to say everything went well. The few problems we had were expertly sorted out relatively quickly by Sharon. Couldn’t ask for more, really. Thank you.

Claire Bennet
My husband started to look around for a reputable probate company and thankfully found yours. Phoned your assistance line and spoke to a very helpful and patient person who listened to the whole story even though it was quite late on in the evening. Well, I asked IWC to do the probate for my dad and someone called Dawn contacted us and helped us immediately. She was great. She knew exactly what to do from the start, and we did not have to worry, even for one moment. Would definitely recommend Dawn and IWC to other people if they are in the same position that we were.

Jim Green
The staff at IWC were great. Special thanks to Samantha who did a sterling job keeping me up to date with the progress of our probate and making everything run smoothly.

Mandy Coleman
Thought about doing it all myself. Glad I didn’t. Lots of complications I could not handle. Sharon did a fantastic job of sorting them quickly. Amazing.

Heather Woods-Pitt
Really was a pleasure to deal with Tony and all at IWC. Tony was superb. Really impressed by his thoroughness and by the way he would always keep us in the loop whenever something happened that we needed to know about. Also very impressed that someone came to the house on a Sunday morning to talk about Dad’s estate!

Nelson Peacock
My thanks to all of the team at IWC and especially Dawn Williams, who was brilliant. You handled my mum’s estate professionally and no question was too trivial (or too difficult!) for you to answer. I am truly grateful. All the best.

The Baintee Family
Sharon and Tony really helped us when we needed help most. I have never dealt with matters like this, so it was a relief to be able to pass Dad’s matters over to people who know what they are doing. They are sympathetic, but really professional, too, so we cannot recommend them enough.

Larry Lawrence
When we contacted you we were still shocked after the unexpected death of my uncle. Our friends recommended you to us because you helped them when they had a bad experience with a firm of solicitors in Essex. You looked after us completely and sorted out the estate professionally. If you don’t know much about the ins and outs of legal matters, dealing with probate can feel overwhelming, so our thanks to Simon and the IWC team.

B L Morton
Dawn treated us with sympathy and patience. She was very knowledgeable and answered every question for us. We thought she was absolutely fantastic considering the difficult time we were going through.

Sarah Finlay
Did not realise how much was involved. Really is a difficult job, but Tony was a star. Sorted out everything for my aunt and even came to the house to talk to us – never heard of that before! Really felt that he knew his stuff and that everything was safe in his hands. Tony did everything as quickly as possible and I cannot thank him enough.

David Kane
We were going through a very difficult time and the probate service provided by Dawn Williams was great. Everything was done properly and the estate was administered as it should be. Dawn was very patient with us as it is a difficult process, especially when it involved dealing with lawyers etc in other countries.

Gillian Khan-Price
I thought the affairs of my uncle were a complete mess until Tony from IWC took charge. It was a nightmare, with uncooperative family members, dealing with a foreign judicial system and requiring knowledge of another language. I despaired, but Tony demonstrated that he has a great deal of experience in dealing with overseas probate claims, so he dealt with our case professionally. And he dealt with all concerned patiently.

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