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IWC provides expert London probate services and has extensive experience in dealing with the estates of those who have lived and/or died abroad, or who had assets overseas.

In these circumstances dealing with someone’s estate can be particularly difficult. It is not just the language barrier that can be a problem – it can be much more difficult dealing with legal matters in countries that have judicial systems very different to those in the UK.

This is why we established our overseas probate service. We wanted to provide the same bespoke, reliable and trusted service that we provide to families whose loved one died in the UK, to those dealing with the estate of a loved one who had lived abroad, died abroad or who had assets overseas.

You can be confident that our London probate service will provide comprehensive support and assistance to anyone requiring probate services and that we are able to deal with the complexities and difficulties of dealing with different judicial systems, languages, customs and cultures.

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Finding a London probate service to recover overseas assets

Probate in London 10If you are looking for a London probate company to provide a full overseas probate service, then we have everything you’re looking for.

You can be confident that the probate specialists we employ are skilled and qualified to deal with authorities in other countries and understand the differing legal systems. They have many years’ experience tracing and recovering the assets of loved ones held abroad, and will assist you professionally and sensitively throughout your time with us.

Probate in London 5Our pricing policy has been designed to provide you with security and peace of mind. At IWC, we know that cost can be a worry and that many families fear that fees will pile up. That is why we have fixed pricing on all our services. Our charges are based on each task, not how large or small the task is. As probate professionals we are able to tell you exactly how much our service will cost, and that is all you need pay. Furthermore, we are happy to take our fees from the proceeds of the estate.

Customers appreciate the benefits of our free, no-obligation appointments system. They are an easy way to find out if our service is right for you. Appointments are available every day, including evening and weekends. Our London probate professionals are more than happy to visit you in your home, wherever you live in the UK.

IWC has been awarded preferred probate supplier status for The Forces Pension Society. We can also be found on the business website where we are ranked number one in the category of Probate Administration Firm in London. We are proud of the number of individuals who have taken the time to tell us how happy they are with the work we have done for them.

With IWC, you can be confident that you are in safe hands

Probate in London 15You can be confident that our trained and experienced professionals will provide you with an efficient and effective way of recovering any overseas assets that may form part of an individual’s estate.
By employing a professional and experienced London probate company to undertake something which is frequently demanding and complex, you relieve yourself of the problems associated with dealing with different jurisdictions – and the problems that arise from dealing with countries with different languages, customs and practices.

Call us on 020 8017 1029 to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Probate Advisers. Enquiries can be made up until 10pm every day of the week – or you can send us an email if you prefer:

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