Inheritance tax (IHT) calculator

Complete this form to find out if you have a potential inheritance tax (IHT) liability, and how much it could be.

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Inheritance tax (IHT) calculator

This is a simple calculator to help illustrate what IHT liability could be. It doesn’t take account of any gifts made in the previous seven years. You should take your own tax advice in relation to IHT position.

For married couples and registered civil partnerships, any IHT liability might not occur until the second death, depending on the provisions of their wills and their respective domicile statuses. If you’re using this calculator for a married couple or registered civil partnership where the IHT liability is going to arise on the second death, enter the value of the couple’s combined wealth and liabilities.

This information is based on our understanding of current taxation law and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) practice, which may change. The value of any tax relief depends on the individual circumstances of the investor.


Things that are worth money that will be included in the overall value of your estate. If you have any jointly-owned assets, enter the value of the share you own.

£ .00
£ .00
£ .00
£ .00
£ .00
£ .00


Things that you still owe money for that are deducted from the overall value of the estate.

£ .00
£ .00


Any reliefs that your entitled to on the assets listed above.


Nil-rate bands

Any nil-rate bands that are available for you to offset against the estate.

£ .00

The default nil-rate band until April 2021 is £325,000

The above allowances could be doubled for widows and widowers

So far your IHT liability at 40% is

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