Contentious probate

Sometimes a will is disputed and you may find yourself dealing with contentious probate. Someone can dispute the contents of the will or even whether it’s valid at all.

It does hold the probate process up, but contentious probate doesn’t have to involve expensive legal process.

We have a dedicated team who can help with many types of disputes and disagreements. If it comes to it, we can refer you to a qualified solicitor specialising in contentious probate.

If you’ve applied for probate and been told there’s a caveat in place blocking you from proceeding, give us a ring now on 020 8017 1029. If you’d prefer, you can contact us online and we’ll call you back.

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Contentious probate matters can be lengthy and complex. We’ll give you the best possible advice, so you know exactly where you stand. We can support you through the process and appoint expert legal representation if that becomes necessary.


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