Contentious probate

If a will is disputed, you may find yourself dealing with contentious probate.

This is where things can get tricky and time-consuming – and where expert help can save time and money, and reduce stress.

Probate London’s dedicated Contentious Probate Team provides inexpensive expertise for all kinds of disputes and disagreements that can arise when a will is contested. And if need be, we can refer you to trusted and fully qualified solicitors who specialise in the finer details of contentious probate.

If you’ve applied for probate only to be told there’s a caveat blocking you from proceeding, give us a ring now on 020 8017 1029 to discuss your options – free of charge and without obligation. Or, if you prefer, contact us online and we’ll call you back whenever’s best for you.

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Our contentious probate service

Contentious probate matters can be lengthy and complicated, but we’ll share the best possible advice and tell you exactly where you stand. From there, we can support you throughout the process to resolve contentious probate issues, appointing expert legal representation if necessary.

Free quotes and fixed, transparent pricing structure

We’ll give you a quote to resolve contentious probate issues, based on what you ask us to do. That cost won’t change – so it’s up to us to work as efficiently and effectively on your behalf, whatever the scale or complexity of the probate issues.

Also, there needn’t be any upfront payment for our services. We’re happy to take our fee from the proceeds of the estate once everything is sorted.

No-obligation probate appointments in London and beyond

Our London-based probate professionals can visit you at home, wherever you live in the UK, at any time or day of the week – including evenings and weekends.

Friendly telephone advice

If you want to chat through your options, simply pick up the phone. One of our experts will be happy to help.

020 8017 1029

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