Applying for Probate

We are firmly of the belief that probate should only be undertaken by experienced and legally qualified probate specialists. It is not just the fact that probate is time consuming and can be upsetting for those involved in dealing with the estate of a loved one who has died, it can also be complicated and, depending on the circumstances, they could involve dealing with judiciaries in other countries.

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Grant of Probate

The process of applying for probate involves requesting a legal document from HM Courts & Tribunals Service. This document gives you permission to deal with the estate of your loved one.

IWC offers a complete solution to dealing with the often complicated matters of probate. The service we provide includes:

Applying for Grant of Probate to HM Courts & Tribunals service;
Closing bank accounts and recovering financial assets held by financial institutions;
Dealing with all beneficiaries;
Settling accounts with debtors and creditors;
Settling any tax bills.

Probate in London (3)You can be confident that we will administer your loved one’s estate appropriately and that the estate will be dealt with by our highly trained probate consultants who possess legal qualifications.

We have designed our pricing structure to be fair and transparent. When you engage us to deal with an estate we can advise you of the costs in advance. That is because we charge by the job or task rather than by the time spent on a task. This means that you know from the beginning what work we are going to be doing – and how much it is going to cost.

All quotes are backed up by our Price Promise Guarantee. This means that if another major probate specialist offers the exact service at a cheaper price we will reduce our prices by 10%. Furthermore, when you engage us to provide probate services we do not require you to pay upfront, and are happy to take our fees from the estate.

The probate application process

Probate in London (4)We complete all relevant probate forms on your behalf: PA1, IHT205 or IHT400, as appropriate. We can advise which original documents you need to provide and how to obtain a valuation of the estate of the person who has passed away.

The application process will also depend upon whether the deceased left a will or not.

If there is no will, the deceased is described as dying intestate. Probate is subject to the strict rules of intestacy. Due to the complexities involved in such circumstances we advise that you contact a qualified probate specialist, such as IWC.

When a will exists the deceased is described as having “died testate”. An executor will have been named in that will and they will be able to apply for Grant of Probate and wind up the affairs of the estate appropriately. Again, this can be a complicated process and IWC can assist with all matters relating to dealing with the affairs where a will is present.

When should I seek legal representation?

When someone passes away the first responsibility of the family is to find out whether a will has been left.

The executor(s) named in the will then have to decide whether they have the skills, abilities and knowledge to deal with the affairs of the deceased’s estate appropriately. While we would never suggest that you cannot undertake the whole probate process yourself, we would recommend that there are certain circumstances under which seeking legal assistance would not only be prudent, but would be the best choice for most people.

Legal representation should be considered if:

Someone dies intestate;
The deceased lived abroad and there are assets held abroad that should be recovered;
You believe it’s likely the will might be contested
There are assets that consist of shares, which are held in a trust;
There are/is a dispute between any of the executors;
The estate is liable to inheritance tax.

Our free helpline is available to advise you of your options and can help you to decide whether you and your family may benefit from professional advice.

Call us on 020 8017 1029 to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Probate Advisers. Enquiries can be made up until 10pm every day of the week – or you can send us an email if you prefer:

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